Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 9-15 Getting Rid of Anki (mostly)

Study log:
  • 256 Anki flashcards
  • 1 Naver comic
  • Integrated Korean Ch 8 and corresponding workbook pages
  • Korean internet children's games (Yahoo! Kids Korea)
So I've come to the conclusion that doing Anki SRS flashcards of vocabulary words is useless for me. I don't feel as if I am learning or retaining much vocabulary at all. So I'm going to try a different method of vocabulary learning.

I like the idea of watching short clips of drama series (1-3 min long) and reading along with the Korean transcripts. When I come across useful words I don't know, I will add them to my new Anki deck with the audio/video context. This seems like a much better method than studying random vocabulary I've never heard before.

I am also going to try to include more music in my studying and memorize song lyrics. I know that it's much easier for me to memorize something in lyric form from many years of listening to Japanese music. I can recite song lyrics in Japanese but I can't speak Japanese at all!

I'm going to continue with using Integrated Korean since I've already used it and it's great for brushing up on grammar points I've forgotten. Also, I will use more internet sources like and random korean lessons online.

I decided to discontinue using GLOSS for the time being, since I feel that it is slightly above my current level and I don't feel that it will be as helpful now as it will be in about 2 or 3 months.

And, finally, I will incorporate more speaking into my regiment. I recently discovered and, so I will be using those for speaking/listening practice. I might even try to find a local language exchange partner in my city.

Thanks for reading and keeping up as I perfect my learning techniques. Another update coming next Sunday.

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