Monday, July 2, 2012

Korean Language Learning - July

First Post! Finally!

I started learning Korean in August 2009 in college/university till May 2010. For about one and half years I didn’t actively study Korean at all, but I did listen to Korean music and watch Korean dramas and movies. Still, my vocabulary suffered and so did my grammar. I decided I wanted to become fluent in Korean (and German), so here I am, studying again.

This blog will be my official record of language learning, starting with Korean. Every month I will update my goals. Every week on Sunday, I will update with my completed study log along with the resources I used.

My Current Level: Mid beginning level with one year of formal classroom study and several months of sporadic self-study


·         Review Integrated Korean: Beginning 2 at one chapter per week and also review the corresponding Talk To Me In Korean lessons
·         Listen to two TTMIK Iyagi podcasts per week
·         Read one Korean children’s book (Kindergarten level)
·         Learn new 455 words  (15 words per day)
·         Write two short essays in my Lang-8 journal
·         Complete two GLOSS lessons per week
·         Consume any amount of Korean media including music, dramas, and movies

Resources I Use:
·         Lang-8 (my username is okaymango) []
·         Integrated Korean: Beginning 2 textbook
·         TTMIK podcasts, lessons, and videos []
·         Anki flashcard freeware []
·         Subs2srs freeware for converting video with subtitles into Anki flashcards []
·         Korean GLOSS lessons []
·         English-Korean-English dictionary []
·         Web comics []

On July 8, I will update with my complete study log and the resources I used for the week. Thanks for reading!

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